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The Leaders, Innovators, and Big Ideas Podcast for Rainforest Alberta (known as LIBI) is a community podcast where each episode has a different host from the Rainforest community, and that host interviews another Rainforest community member. It is because of the multiple host reason that existing podcast management software will not work for the community’s needs.

LIBI wanted to build an online responsive application that allows them to manage guests, hosts, episodes, and sponsors for the show. This would help reduce the time and effort that it takes to produce each episode and increase the collaboration between the podcast producer and the hosts of each episode.

Card Sorting

For a Podcast episode production, multiple parties like hosts, Guests, Producers, System Admin, and Sponsors need collaboration. I decided to collaborate with team members to sort the product features based on user groups and agreed on the targeted user groups that this product will serve.

After endless discussions, we agreed that this platform will be built for Hosts as the primary user group and Site Visitors as the secondary group who are the potential Guests and Hosts.


To really understand the primary user group, I had conversations with several of them to gather understanding. Then create a User Persona for this user group the remind the team of who we are building the product for.

Sitemap & User flows

While wireframing the platform,  we realized that we discuss a lot about the user flows and the fact that each of us has different user flows in our minds really slows down our work process. Therefore I decided that we should align on common user flows to increase our collaboration efficiency. Here are 2 major user flows for the Host.

Flow 1 – Host submits new episode

Flow 2 – Host search and assign a new guest

And we also made a site map to better understand the whole picture of the application.

Design System

To make the application look consistent look across pages, it is necessary to define the design system. The system evolved during the design process as more components were added along the way.

More details of the Design System can be viewed here.


A responsive web application that streamlines the host’s work from managing their episode, managing their guests to collaborating with the system admin and producers. The platform is also a destination for Podcast listeners to come, enjoy, and be motivated to become the next guests or hosts of future PodCast episodes.

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