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Calgary Bakery is a local Bakery shop based in Calgary Alberta, Canada. The shop is proud to bring its traditional recipes to people in town. Besides the physical store, the store owner wanted to bring its store online to reach more customers and to spread its brand pride further.


The biggest challenge was to design and develop an e-commerce store from scratch given the logo provided by the store owner. The online order process should be smooth so that users have no problem browsing products, adding products to the shopping cart, and check out.


WordPress was chosen to develop the platform to create a smooth online shopping flow using high-quality WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, PayPal/Stripe. An email collection form was also developed so that the store can better take care of its customers with its newsletter system (Mailchimp integration).


In the first step, Sitemap and Wireframe were created to discuss and align with the client and make the necessary fix before website UI Design and development.

Design Solution

Poppins and Cormorant was the typeface combination selected since it matches the existing logo style and the san-serif font of this combination is a popular and so familiar one for most users.

The Color Palette and the Grey Scale were also generated based on the logo color to give a consistent feeling across the website.


A responsive website with great features like product management, secure payment, newsletter subscription, contact form, dynamic landing pages, map, and so much more. All are easily maintainable via the intuitive WordPress CMS.

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