TikTok is a popular mobile application and its user number is exponentially rising. TikTok users always have a demand for increasing followers. Besides creating high-quality content (videos) to attract new followers or to retain current followers, TikTok users always want to get new followers through free/cheap manners and Witbooster meets that demand. Witbooster functions as a community where its users can follow each other’s TikTok profiles. That means it is free for users to earn more TikTok followers.

What they need to do is using Witbooster to follow the community member’s tiktok profiles to earn stars, then converting those stars into followers of their tiktok profiles. Besides, the application also provides some low-price packages so that the users can choose to buy to get TikTok followers from Witbooster system.

However, compared with other similar apps in the market, Witbooster seems to expose some disadvantages in its UI design and its user flow. By being redesigned focusing on these points, Witbooster would bring to its users a better experience and so staying ahead in the market.


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Name Veronica Lee

Age 18 Status Single

Education High school student



Location At home

Devices Mostly on mobile, but also on her Ipad



Proficient at using technologies



Use a mobile application to increase the number of her tiktok followers without any expense



Motivations Enjoy seeing the number of followers grows

Pain points Some applications help users increase fake TikTok followers that often disappear after several days of following



Pain Points Solutions
The current user flow is a bit confusing for a brand-new user. When a user clicks on the “follow” button below a TikTok profile, that will redirect him to TikTok application right at that tiktoker’s profile. There he has to click “follow” to successfully follow that TikToker. At that point, he would not be aware that he has left Witbooster so that he needs to return to the application to keep earning stars.
The “Explore” screen needs to show a simple instruction of how to earn stars and a reminder of returning the explore screen after being redirected to the TikTok application screen.
At the “Explore” screen, a returning user would be shown the profile photos in the same order as the last time they signed in.


This is a technical problem, the profile photos should be shuffled so that the user can always see new profile photos.

More improvements

  1. Each page title should include a subtitle to briefly describe the task that users need to complete for that page.
  2. All pages should include a small “pro tips” phrase to give users some simple and useful tips to improve their TikTok video performance or to get more followers or boost their video engagements.


The “Explore” screen was added a subheading to briefly instruct users about the task for this screen while the instructions area was added with detailed steps. The tips area near the bottom navigation menu helps enrich TikTok knowledge for the users.
The whole design system was changed including colors, typography, button design so that the application would be more TikTok -friendly.
Explore Screen
Boost Follower Screen
Buy Stars Screen
Profile Screen

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Witbooster functions as a community where its users can follow each other’s TikTok profiles. That means it is free for users to earn more TikTok followers.

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