Kawaii Kami Origami


Kawaii Kami is a website that shows everyone how to make Origami. To be more specific, the website will have 4 modules to work on (Beginner > Intermediate > Advanced > Super Complex). Each module comes with a video and a short description with step by step diagrams to show people how to fold paper into a 3D structure without using glue. After finishing each module, there is going to be a small quiz where you can go to the next level if you choose the correct the answer.


UI/UX designer

Website developer

Low-fidelity Design

Colors & Typography

The homepage shows 4 levels of difficulties for learners and a small article introducing about Origami and supplies needed to learn the first lesson. The lesson page features a video tutoring how to make a origami shape among the 4 of 4 levels. Each lesson also offers a step-by-step diagram and a quiz which learners must correctly answer to advance to the next level

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Kawaii Kami is a website that shows everyone how to make Origami.

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